How do I add a link to an image?

This seems pretty obvious… but I searched it and came up with nothing. The template I bought has social media icons in the footer and I can’t even figure out how to make them link through to the correct URLs. They should have come linked but they don’t!

Anyway this seems super basic but I would rather just get an answer than watch hours of tutorials.

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Hi rachel1,

there are a few ways to do this.

probably the easiest:
Click the icon, click start edit workflow then add an action found underneath navigation , go to external page and enter that.

2nd way:
Get a link item and drag it in front of the social media icon. Put 0 text in the link icon and right click it to send it to front. Add the link you want to the link icon

3rd way:
Get a shape or group, drag it in front of the icon. Click it to edit its workflow. When clicked use the workflow: Navigation.: open an external website.

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