Using an image as link for page navigation

I understood from the manual that in general for page navigation its always better to use a link rather than a navigation action

Am i correct?

What if i want to send user to page when they click on an image in a RP? i dont see such an image option for links, only text or icons

Links are generally better for SEO. It seems to me that Google doesn’t know that actions that link to other pages do so, whereas they can easily track links. As such, Google just doesn’t count those pages linked with actions as being linked together (although I would have thought Google would be smarter than this, my limited experimentation suggests that they are not). There’s definitely a chance I’m wrong. Either way, both approaches work for users so a physical link isn’t essential. The value of it largely depends on whether your pages would benefit from Google knowing that one page links to the other.

If you really want to link with a link from an image, then one way to do so would be to put the image within an HTML element and write the html for that it’s a link.

but that image represents current cells things image, will that work with HTML?

Yes. You’ll just want to be sure to reference the image and URL you’re linking to dynamically in the HTML so that it displays current cell’s things image and links to the correct next page.

do i need to be a coder for that? im scared of the word HTML…

I believe it’s better for performance and SEO. Workflow navigation actions only run after other workflows have run. Links trigger immediately. Also, like @sridharan.s said, I don’t think that Google can crawl workflow nav actions.

Formatting the image yourself can be a pain (especially if you’re not too great of a coder, like me). The way I get around this is putting a navigation workflow on the image itself AND putting a link for the picture’s title (if you have that option). That way, your user will navigate whether she clicks on the image OR the link:

Image: Workflow
“Dark Angels Characters” text: Link.
-both go to the same place.

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