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How do I add CSS code?

I am not a programmer, but I have done a bit of design so I do know CSS (and HTML).

I am trying to find if there is any way I can write CSS code to change the look of the app because the in-built options are kind of limited (but they are still wonderful).

Is there any css script/sheet I can write the code in?

Not really. You can start using HTML elements and troupe what you want there, but then you won’t be able to link the element to a workflow.

Which CSS property is missing? We can add any CSS property, we just want to control the length of the list because it can get very long…


I understand then. I think html elements should solve my issue here for now… Thanks!

I have another question though. I have a typeface that I’ve bought from Typography - is there any way I could insert the code into the header or something? Or is this something that I could request for when I start paying and when I get the app published (up and running)?

You can add a font in the header of the page and then use HTML elements to use the font, but it won’t appear in the list (yet).

Hi @emmanuel. Is this still not possible with bubble? I know there’s been a ton of updates since March. I’d really like to add some of these menu designs (and other code snippets) and then link the element to a workflow. I think this could be incredibly powerful in expanding the design potential for Bubble. Perhaps an add-on marketplace opportunity for bubble? Create a platform for designers to inject code and Bubble users can buy as add-on visual elements? Just thinking of how we could convince you accelerate if it doesn’t exist already :wink:

We’ll open the plugin system at some point, but it takes time. No need to push :wink:

Having said that, you can add custom fonts (which was the point of the end of the thread).


Fair enough – should have opened a new thread asking about linking HTML elements to workflows, which is really what I’d like to be able to do. On linking to workflows, sounds like this still isn’t possible?

No it’s not