How do I add pictures?

I want to add an image from my computer. How do I do this? I cannot find these instructions on Google Tutorials. When I click on image, a box pops up that says “Upload image” but the bar underneath is blank. When I mouse over the area where it says Dynamic Image…there are no “Upload from your computer options” Is this not possible?

Try clearing cache

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I rephrased my question. The hard part for me is just getting an image from my computer so I can upload some artwork. It seems pretty basic enough but I can’t find the link.

Dynamic images must come from within your database. You can either upload the photo to your database and use it using the dynamic image, or you can upload by clearing out the dynamic text space, and just click on upload photo. Should bring up your computers dialog box.

Feel free to share screen shots if you need me to help further

Thank you. The way I am adding pictures is via the Slideshow option as the Click to Upload tab causes my window to freeze for whatever reason. I am using a PC and have found that when I click Upload Picture, everything freezes. My way around this has been to just use Slideshow, and pull the image address from my google photos and it works.

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