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Uploading images

Hey guys, so I’m building a market place where I can sell some stuff. I have created an “Admin” page that only I have access to. I’m having some troubles figuring out how I’m going to upload the pictures of my products, their price, and other data. The point is to update my database with this information on the new product that I am uploading with the page and not with bubble so that it becomes an automatic process where when I upload all the relevant details, it shows up at the homepage where all the stuff is being sold. Everything should be completed by simply typing in the details, uploading the picture of the item and then boom.

Could you create a form to store the pics and details to your database and have your site reference those database items to display them on your homepage?

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Yes I have. Im having some troubles getting the list of images to display on the homepage. I have created the form, and on the home page I have added an image element to display the picture of the item that i am selling. The idea is to have the homepage display a list of images and the details of the stuff im selling, and currently when i do add the item to the database, it isnt displaying at the homepage.

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Maybe share a screenshot of the data source you’re currently using on the homepage picture and we can try to troubleshoot the issue for you

I’ve been using a plugin made by bubble called slick slideshow and it’s worked really well for me. It will scroll through all images in an array automatically

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