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How do I build a dynamic survey with branching logic?

Trying to build an RV inspection checklist as my first Bubble app.

I need to be able to add multiple types of items (doors, windows, faucets, tires, propane tanks) on the fly - there’s a different number of each of those for each RV that gets inspected. Then each door would have five inspection questions with multiple choice answers… a window would have four different questions with multiple choice answers… a faucet would have different Q&A… etc).

I’m struggling with how to create the data in the background that will drive the inspection on the front end, since each inspection will have different numbers of doors, windows, faucets, etc.

Any examples of how something like this has been built in the past? It’s basically a dynamic survey kind of thing with branching logic and multiple question and answer types.

Hello! Users have found this thread helpful in guiding them to building dynamic surveys. This video from a member of our community may also be helpful as well. I hope this helps!

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