Choose your own adventure style survey / psychometric test in Bubble

Has anyone seen or built a psychometric style test or quiz using Bubble? Think “choose your own adventure”

I am trying to design a survey experience where the questions adjust based on the previous user input. The ideal output will be a summary profile, like a psychometric test I guess.

I would love to understand whether it’s possible and hear any learnings you might have experienced. Thank you!

That is pretty much all I’ve done for the last 4 months! Yes you can, and you can make the UI as good as any product out there. The challenge I think for you would be designing a DB structure to hold your graph (if/then go here) type data.



Plenty of survey apps built on Bubble. Many behind NDAs so it is not possible to point at them (the ones I know).

Here, a video on a training app (uses surveys to gather data) but given the quality of the discussion I thought it might be of interest :grinning:

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Thank you Lindsay this is encouraging! Did this one take you 4 months or are you working on various projects? Looks awesome.

Thank you very much I will share this with our team here. To hear that it is possible is encouraging.

That represents about 1% of a bigger product - ongoing. My main point is, yes you can build production ready enterprise software on Bubble, in the domain of candidate profiling, with decent scoring algorithms … without a big development team spend.


…and you get major bonus points if you use the history of answers to detect and stop cycles while traversing the graph of questions, i.e. stop if they hit a question they have answered already. Or even more clever put a max visits on each vertex so that you can do fixed repetition cycles of questions for test validation.

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