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How do I change a yes/no value for all users?

Happy New Year, my fellow bubble-roony’s!
I want to change all users data field to a yes or no depending on a switch I’ve created… I can certainly affect the current user but how can I affect all users? I tried to make a change to a thing (do a search for users) does not work… Any help?

Have you tried “Make changes to a list of things”? If that doesn’t work then I would try “Schedule API Workflow on a list”.

Makes Changes doesn’t work… I’ll give the api a go…

Any insight on how you would handle the API workflow?

Hey @1danielbaker,

You could setup an API workflow that takes a parameter of the type User and have an action in it that simply makes the change(s) you’d like to make for that User. The key here is to structure your API workflow relevant to one instance and not for your entire list. Once you’re all set, you can use Custom Events’ Schedule API Workflow on a list option to pass the list you’d like that API workflow to run on. :slight_smile:

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Have you looked into why that didn’t work? Maybe it’s a permissions issue.

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