Schedule API Workflow on a list help

Good day

I need help with how to process each searched line in my list of items then change the value of the that lines constrains to the product with the same constrains.

I saw that I have to run an API Workflow schedule so that it can run through each item in the list and the change the value. But I am struggling.

This is the jobcard with items that I want to search in " all product for user" database for each user. My list im searching from is under parts used.

If I want ti change the value for that specific user I used this

But this only changes the first item on the list and and all the items.

This is how my data looks

And this is how far I came with the api workflow… I cant get the the list to run on to be the list of line items on the parent groups jobcard.

Can Someone please Help.

The ‘list to run on’ needs to be a ‘list’…

In your screenshot your not setting it as a list, but rather a single item (the first item from the list)

The list also has to be of the ‘type’ you specify in the ‘Type of Things’

In you screenshot you’re setting the type of things to change as ‘All Products For Users’ but the list you’re selecting is of type ‘Products For Job Cardes’ - so that’s not going to work.

Be sure that the list you’re trying to change is a list (not single item) AND it’s of the same type you specify in the Things to Change field.

Thank you very much that worked so that the list to run on is blue…

How can I now change the current user qty value of ‘All Products For Users’ of the same item in each product as I did in in my second image? I want the same parameter but it must run on each line of item if i am explaining it correctly?

Thank you so much for the help I have been struggling for ages.

Just add a ‘make changes to a thing’ action in the backend workflow to make the necessary changes to the ‘All Products For Users’ entry that the workflow is running on.

Be sure the backend workflow has a parameter for ‘All Products For Users’ and set its value to ‘This All products For Users’ when you schedule the workflow.

Thank you so much. I did that but its not doing anything.

As you can see in the picture of the Jobcard under parts use, I want to subtract that amount of item qty from the same product qty under All products for user.

So this is what I did in my workflow.

Sorry for all the questions this is helping alot you have no Idea

I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re trying to do now (your screenshots don’t seem to relate to the original question, at least as far as I understood it)…

So maybe I misunderstood the question, or perhaps you’ve misunderstood how running a backend workflow on a list works…

What type of ‘thing’ are you trying to run this workflow on? (I can’t work it out from the screenshots)

So I have a data Entry named Jobcards, and Products for jobcard and All products for users.

On my Jobcards I have a field named “list of Products for jobcard” (That is displayed under the parts used in image 1) I used custom states to add a list of item called Products for Jobcards when I created the jobcard.

When I want to complete the created jobcard it must run a workflow that searches for each item in the list and the find the same product that is in my “all products for users” ( The all product for users is where I store the qty amount of stock each user have of each product.

I want to subtract the qty of each item that is displayed in the parts used ( list of products for jobcard ) from the stock qty of the related user and the related product.

When I do a normal workflow ( that was before I used the backend workflow) it only changed the first item I searched for or the last ( depending on what I chose in the constraint ) and I wanted it it to find each item in the list under spare parts and change each related product qty of the list and not just the first item.

Here is the normal workflow that only changes the first item in the list and not all the items. I need to change all the items in the list.

Thank you again. Hope this is better explained