Limitations to how many things can be changed?

Hello, I am using an API to update a list of users info every hour. There are just under 100 things to update in the list, however it gets stuck after doing about 50 of them. Is this because I am updating to many things?

It really depends on how intensive the workflow is. If you’re doing a lot per user, it could easily time out.

You can try using a recursive system so that Bubble processes each user one a time. To set that up, you pass 1 user to the endpoint, and at the end of the workflow add an action to schedule itself (creating a loop), and you’d pass the next user.

Make sure to add a condition to that last action so that you stop the loop when it’s gone through everyone. For example, if the workflow needs to set a value to any user with a blank field, then the parameter for the next user would be “Search for users :first item” (constraint: field = blank) and the condition would be “Search for users :count > 0” (constraint: field = blank). That way, when that count = 0, it’ll no longer meet the condition and you’ll terminate the loop.

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Could you explain this a lit better pls?