How do I change my window browser tittle?

it appears with the name of the template website so I can’t find the place to modify it…it says ‘‘EZ Coin’’.

You need to click on the box that is provided with any page you create

You can search for the box in the elements. The name of the box will be current page’s name

Thank you very much!

Another question how can we animate pictures or letter like a transition way?

  1. Lets say that you want it to animate when you click on it, you insert an image element and go to the workflow and set its workflows like this “when this element is clicked” go to element section and click on animate and there many animations you can choose from". You can get creative in the workflow tab. I know you may not know how to use bubble so well just like me, you can search for topics in the forum or ask anything.
  2. if you are doing an image slider, I don’t know how to do that but you can search on the forum and there are many plugins that let you to create image sliders effortlessly but most of them are paid plugins but they are cheap.

I know I may not have answered your question like you wanted or imagined. Let us wait maybe someone more experienced than me can answer your question.

I found a free plugin that may be useful to you.

Check it out! Hope it helps!

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