How do i confirm a email address before creating an account

I want to make sure my users are creating an account with a real valid email address. How do i send a verification email (Preferably a unique one that when clicked automatically makes the account without any other user input) that my users can use.


There is a checkbox when using the workflow ‘sign the user up’ that requires users to confirm email. You can also set it manually by adding a database field that equates to yes/no and send email manually if you would like to go this route.

The manual route would look like this:

  • Workflow > Sign the user up

  • Workflow > Send Email to ‘‘Current user’s email or input value’s email’’

  • Workflow > When page is loaded [Specify which page] and user is logged in > Change current user’s confirmed to yes

  • Workflow > When user is logged in and Current user’s confirmed = no > navigate to [Specify which page]

Something like the above… I haven’t specified everything but it would be a great headstart for you, i hope it’s clear what routes you can take?

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There’s a plugin in the plugin store that validates email addresses by checking whether they’re real or not, although I can’t remember its name.

[EDIT] I’ve found one that is similar to what I was talking about.

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