Sign Up Confirmation

I’m trying to make users confirm their email WITHOUT automatically signing them in. This should be like every other website. Here are the steps:

  1. User signs up.
  2. User confirms email.
  3. Only then, the user can sign in.

What is happening is the user is AUTOMATICALLY signed in without ever confirming email. I am getting the email sent to the user but they don’t have to confirm.

How do you make them confirm BEFORE being automatically signed in?

Check this thread they discuss different ways of doing this.

But basically one way is to have a yes/no field on the User say email confirmed? which is set to no by default.
Then create a new confirmation page in your app that the user will be taken to when they click the confirm email link that your application will send.

Then in the sign-up action you check the box "Send an email to confirm the email ", then select the page confirm email page you created above.

On the confirm page add for on page load event add an action to modify the current user’s email confirmed? to yes.

So anytime the user logs in you can check if their email confirmed? is yes or no and take an appropriate action. See this thread for an more details


I need to clarify. This is happening at sign up. When I sign someone up, they are automatically being signed up + they are signed in automatically.

I want them to register, then confirm email and then sign in.

I don’t want them to be signed in automatically. Make sense?

Yes i understand what you mean.
If you follow what i suggested or the instructions in the threads i provided it will do exactly what you want.

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Could you do something like…

On page load > If user is logged in and email confirmed is ‘no’ then redirect them to a page that says you must confirm your email to log in.

Anytime they try to access the page it will automatically redirect them so they are blocked from viewing the page.

Kind of a work around. Would that work for what you need?

I have it down where the user can’t sign on unless they confirm email.

My problem is that I can’t get the popup to work if they didn’t confirm. I have noticed in the example they create 2 workflows for the 1 button: login. How do you create a 2nd workflow on one element?

thank you for all your help!

You can create multiple workflows on a single element. In their example you can see that the workflows have different conditions for the “Only when” field. One of them has the condition that the user’s email confirm is no and the other is when it is yes.

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