Validate an email

Hi, so on my sign up page, I would want to validate the users entered email to know if that is actually an existing email before they can proceed with the sign up process. The email validator plugin seems to be unavailable.

What is the way around this?
Thank you!!!

one way to do this is to create a new table in the database called Validator Code
add 2 fields one type text and one type user

When user clicks Validate add a workflow to that button
Step 1 Creates a new “Validator Code” in the database where user = current user and code = “Calculate formula - here choose random string”

In Step 2 send an email to current users email saying “Hi, here is your code: Result of step 1s code”
in step 3 go to a new page called /validation

Here have an input
Here allow the user only to go to the next page if Do a search for code where user= current user first item: code = inputs value.

The more secure way to do this is to do this via an api workflow but this is more advanced.

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Thats such a great way to explain… Thank you