How do I connect a local POST request on Bubble?

Using Postman, I’m able to send a POST request to our Roku TV by using our local IP and entering the appropriate parameters, for example:

When the request is successful, it shows an empty message and my Roku TV responds to the request. Roku has created a web tool version of their own here. Which works when I enter in the correct information and I’m connected to the same network as my Roku TV.

I’m recreating the tool on Bubble and using the API Connector plugin. However, I cannot connect it to the API Connector even though I am on the same network as my Roku TV. Is there additional configurations that need to be done?

The post would come from the bubble server, which is not on your network ?

It maybe possible to run it from your browser using a script ?

If that’s what it’s doing, then yes, it won’t work. However, I’m trying to understand how Roku’s Deep Link Tester tool works. When I use their tool, I can send the the request through their web tool so long as I am on the same network as my Roku TV.

Is that something possible to do on Bubble? Right now I can’t get the API Connector to accept my POST request that I’ve shown above.

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