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How do I create a normal numerical serial numbering on a repeating group?

Hi, everyone I’m trying to create a numerical serial numbering on a repeating group like 1,2,3,4 etc. How do I go about this.

Hi there, @akintadetemitope79… the rows of a repeating group have an index that you can display in a text element as Current cell's index, and the element will show a row’s number as you have described (1, 2, 3, 4, etc). Is that what you need?


Ya, I tried that but it isn’t working

Well, there’s not much to go on with “it isn’t working”… so, share some screenshots of what you have done, and maybe we can figure it out.

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Okay, Mike. Please give me a minute

Here’s the link to the backend

The current cell’s index is being displayed properly.

However, I had to shrink my browser in order to see it because your floating group on the left is covering the repeating group when I have my browser full screen.

So, your issue is related to responsiveness as opposed to the current cell’s index not being displayed properly.

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Wow, tnx Mike.
Let me fix it

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Done. Thanks for the help, Mike


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