How do i create a task's data type?

hi all,

i have facing the issue of create a Task with more than thousand of input element in single page. ( to fill in data / details manually ).

while comes to the backend of database, how do i create a data type enter ? how do i create thousand of field in a short time?

for example of task input

  1. client’s name
  2. client’s contact
  3. Client’s email
  4. client’s age
  5. case status
  6. case 's property type
  7. case’s property address

i could not create a list of thing in single data type as every input element is not exactly related. for example i could not create a list of thing for client’s name as this particular task is for 1 client, with 1 input details for all different category.

thank you.

Hi @malaysia.mspconsulta :wave:

I don’t think I understood you well.

I assume that you are trying to create several items at once in you database. If so, you have two options:

  1. Upload a CSV with all entries that you want to create;
  2. Use the Bulk create Things endpoint;

hi., thank you for your message.

let me try to explain further.

i have created a single page with 1000+ element (input field / dropdown etc), while i trying to figure out how could it possible for me to upload those data into database as in i have not create any data type or field due to i have 1000+ element which have to create 1000+ field in data type.

kindly refer photo below as the reference for data type. ( i replaced the actual element name to number , for example client’s email address > 1 , client’s contact > 2, etc )

while photo below as the demo of what element in single page ( just part of it, in total actually there is 1000+ element input )

i could not create a field with list due to each field contain 1 input and not related to other field.

so my question is, if there is any alternative way to create multiple field in data type with fastest way? or any idea i could upload those data in proper way?