Is it possible to add Fields for a Type in batches?

G’ Morning from Brazil, everyone! :slight_smile:

I’d like to know if it’s possible to create multiple Fields for a specific Type on the Database Tab.

There’s one table I need to create which should have 105 columns (it’s gonna receive the answers from a form).

Since I’m lazy, I was asking myself if there’s an easier way to do this!

Thank you guys once again!

Hi there, @anon16767833… the short answer to your question is no. Now, one might ask if you should have a data type that has 105 fields or if you should break that data type up into multiple data types, but that’s not really the point of your post, and it wouldn’t matter anyway because you still have to create all of the fields individually. So, again, the short answer is no.


Thank you, my friend!!

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