How do I design a post such that the group cell wraps around the content automatically?

Hi guys,

So I am trying to create a feed for a social network. I have used a repeating group for the same. Here, I am not able to make the group wrap around the size of the content. Like, the description can be a maximum of 2500 characters. Title I have used multiline text input.

But everything is just crumping up together. How do I make sure this looks neat and each element can maintain the same distance?

Normally it’s pretty straight forward. As long as you don’t overlap the text elements in the editor, they should grow appropriately. If you would like to cut off content after so many characters, you can use the truncate to… function.

Could you share a screenshot of the editor?

PFA the screenshot of the group. I do not want to cut off content. I just want them to grow appropriately.

I have also maintained the spaces properly.

Hmmm… could you take a screenshot with the “show elements borders on”?


I just checked and saw that my elements overlapped! Thank you so much :slight_smile:


I fixed the overlapping element borders. I think, it still doesn’t adjust on it’s own.

This is how it looks after fixing the element borders:

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