How do I get my exports in english


I’m exporting my app data and noticed that some of the information is being exported in a different language. How do i get it all to export in English?

Thank you!

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Maybe you can check in settings/language main app lang?

Hi, I just checked and the main app language is set to english. The data exported is mixed so some rows are an english and others are not.

I’m having this same issue. My language is set to English, but when I export all dates are listed in another language.

Under Settings > Language you can see it’s set to English.

When I view the dates in my bubble database they are in English. Here’s a screenshot from my DB in bubble. This is the exact view I export from.

Here’s the problem. The exported data is now in another language. See below.

I reached out to bubble support via email and got a response. I shared a link to this thread and sent a bit more detail. Since @malcolm is asking for more detail, I figured it would be best for everyone if I just shared it all here.

Here’s the response from bubble support asking for more detail:

In response to the above image, here’s my additional details:

This issues is happening through the bubble editor. I’m exporting backend DB info via the editor. The user is not exporting this info via my app.

Step by Step I do this:

  1. Log into my bubble editor
  2. Navigate to the Data View
  3. Select the App Data tab
  4. Click “Switch to live database”
  5. Select the data and view
  6. Press “export”
  7. Select “to CSV”
  8. Press Confirm
  9. Confirmation message received and delivered to email.
  10. Open email and click link. All CSV date data is in a different language. As I view the data in the bubble data view, it’s all in English. When I export it’s in a different language.
  11. I’v tried with multiple data (things) and multiple views. All dates are in a different language.

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