How do i get started with IOS

Hey guys.

I just started learning Bubble and i wanted to know how i can learn to develop mobile apps on this platform. From the basis to the advance? Any tutorials or videos would help


The best thing to do is work through all of the videos in the learning center. Once you’ve finished all of these you can try and few smaller projects yourself using the things you’ve learnt. There are more in-depth videos on youtube that cover more complex tasks.


Hi @ahmednsajjad

Here are some videos explaining the basics.

There is also the Coaching Bubble sessions on YouTube here which are very good.

For creation of a native mobile app, make sure the checkbox is ticked as shown below then you have one page with as many groups set up acting as pages which are displayed/hidden based upon various conditions.

Apart from that, you should find this forum extremely helpful, that’s coming from my own personal experience.
Good luck!

Thanks a lot guys !