Unable to hide button upon login

Hi everyone,

i am not able to hide the button while doing the recipe app tutorial under bubble, would appreciate some help, please see screenshots:

“Login” Button “Sign up” button and “Post a Recipe” Button

What i want to do is, upon login, the “login” and “sign up” button will disappear and “post a recipe” button will appear.

However, even after setting conditionals, where i select “when current user is logged in”, and tick the “this element is visible” option. There is nothing happening.

Please see screenshots of my conditionals below.

Please help to see what went wrong? and why are the buttons not following the conditionals? thank you

Hi there, @ygfemail… if I understand your post correctly, you are doing the exact opposite of what you should be doing. The condition you have is showing the logged out group when the user is logged in. If you uncheck the This element is visible checkbox, you should get the desired behavior.


Hi, i have switched around, and the button still doesn’t work as intended. Any idea what issue it might be? After login, can still see all button. Before login, can still see all buttons.

Without being able to poke around in the app, it’s hard to say what could be causing the issue.

Shot in the dark… in your last screenshot, have you unchecked This element is visible on page load on the Layout tab?

I unchecked “this element is visible on page load” on the layout tab and it finally disappear, but it is still wonky.

once logged in, it is still there.

Any idea what resources i can go to solve this issue? appreciate the reply thank you so much.

once logged in, it is still there

You’re telling it to be visible when the user is logged in…

What is “it”? The group in your last screenshot? Like Adam said, it’s supposed to show up when the user is logged in.

Yes, I know exactly what resource you can use to solve the issue, and it’s the tutorial you are following. For example, at the 3-minute mark of this video, they literally walk you through how to set up the logged out group. However, in your second screenshot in this thread, the expression you created is the exact opposite of the one they show in the video. So, I recommend you take a step back and go through the tutorial a lot more carefully. It will be a much more effective way for you to make progress than asking one-off questions in the forum that are difficult for anyone out here to troubleshoot without asking a ton of questions in order to figure out what you did wrong.