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How do i integrate a free version and paid version for an app developed as a native app

I am building a native app and I am giving a feature in app that I want users to pay for ( I don’t think bubble still supports digital payments for both apple and google) , So I want to introduce two versions of the app, free and premium with some features enabled in the premium.

I want the premium feature to be available for some time and after that it locks, I think it would be doable via setting a counter for the feature usage ( not so sure though ), but after that I want users to go and download the paid app if they liked that feature and get unlimited access to that feature

Can someone throw a light as to How this can achieved with the same app.

I was actually thinking about doing this with another app I’ve been thinking about. What I would probably do is this… (By the way I’ve only developed for Android)

  1. Make the app with no premium content
  2. Make a copy of that app with the premium content and put a full asking price for the app
  3. Add information about your Premium App into your Non-Premium app. Like a group with a brief description about what it contains, and maybe some screenshots of what the premium features are. (In development of course)
    Not sure what you think about that, but that’s the way I would go about doing it!