One app for pro and free version, or two?

Hi everyone! I’ve really enjoyed being on Bubble and being a part of the community for a short time now and I just wanted to say, thanks for all the help.

I’m now hoping for some guidance with how to go about making a pro and free version of an app. Which would be best?

  1. Creating a single app that blocks certain levels of users from taking certain actions or using certain features

  2. Creating two apps one with the premium features and one without.

Pros, cons?

Thanks as always in advance!

I would definitely make a single app with both free and paid functionality in one.

Two apps means a potentially double maintenance.

You would need a ton of “ if statements” to see if the user is a free or paying user and display the functionality accordingly.

And setting up this low level of security is pretty straightforward, especially since you’re only dealing with two levels: free and paid.

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Single for sure, the other way would result in substantial wasted additional effort.

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I am afraid of the single app precisely because of the ton of IF statements! LOL. But it sounds like the single app is a no-brainer for you more experienced creators so I will defer to you and just learn what I need to get me there… Also, the point about maintenance costs for two apps is well taken :flushed: :joy:.

Thanks @firstfifteensoftware @aj11 for your help.

Oh, I have a further concern about placing ads on that single app. Will there be a problem if I want to enable Ads to run on the free but not on the paid? How would/do the advertiser deal with a situation like this? Thanks again.

Single, for sure.

You will not only reduce the overall costs (Bubble, plugins and etc…), but also the maintenance time. And with all the users in the same app, you will have a single database with everyone’s history saved in just one place, what is essential for analyze the app at all.

And it is very easy to hide/show elements (or Ads) based on any criteria…

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Thanks for that additional insights @rpetribu. Single app it is! :joy:

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