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How do I make a list element snap to a position?

Hello, I have a list where each element fills the entire page. When I scroll up, I’d like each element to snap to the top of the page as I scroll up. Kind of like a carousel? How do I do that?

By a lost you mean a repeating group? Can you share a link to a run mode page.

Yes, sorry, I mean repeating group. I’ll create a run mode page and share it shortly. Thanks

Here’s a link to a page where I’m illustrating the issue. I’d like each photo to snap to the top of the page as you scroll up, kind of like a vertical carousel. Right now they just slide up to wherever, so if you want to see the entire image, you have to try to stop it at the top, which isn’t as convenient as if it snapped in place.

@emmanuel have you had a chance to check this out? How can I make each element of the repeating group snap as I scroll up?

We don’t support this right now

any chance this will get added in the future?

Like everything, there is. But honestly, probably not the most urgent thing to do at the moment. If it’s critical, you can sponsor it, that’s what sponsoring is for.

OK, thanks!