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How do I make a picture popup?

Hey Bubble! How do I make a picture pop up when clicked? So far, I have a thumbnail that is successfully displaying a picture, but how do I make it so the picture gets big when it is clicked? (Similar to the picture viewer on Reddit). Thanks!

I also want to know more about it. I will wait for someone reply here.

Hi @nickkessel22,

Let’s assume your picture is a field type image within a thing called “wall”

  1. Create a popup with content type “wall”
  2. Add an image element to the popup, click on the popup and insert dynamic data into the dynamic image input to say “parent’s group wall picture value”. This is the expression that brings the picture from the database.
  3. Click on your thumbnail and start a workflow with an action to “show” the popup and a subsequent action to display the “wall picture” thing to it.

This great video by @romanmg can complement how to do this >

I recommend her YT channel and website to learn more about Bubble :+1:

Best of luck!


Thanks mate! I will try this later today :slight_smile: