How do i make a private messaging system

i’m making a twitter clone, and i want to add a private messaging system. i made it that when you go to current page user’s profile, you can click on a message icon which redirects you to a page where you can chat with that person, but how do i make it that the messages are only visible to the current user and the other user for that specific chat?


@nachodip97 You can use AirDev’s Widget:

hey @nachodip97 - do you mind sharing your twitter version. I’m also building one. So would be interested to see how you’re doing and exchange some experiences


that’s cool, maybe we can help each other out. here’ s mine so far , i still need to fix some glitches, finish the design, and add some features like a search bar and sorting posts. what’s the link to yours?

nice! Looks good! Keep on going. And yeah we can exchange experience :slight_smile:
What are you struggling mostly with?

Mine is:

I have 2 goals … learn bubble in general and responsive design itself
first goes smooth, 2nd not so much
i want to give it a try with cloning twitter responsive UI but those floating groups are driving me … :wink:
i though i finished but then i saw it on my friend’s PC in high resolution… aaaaand it doesn’t work well.

so it’s work in progress… not giving up yet :sweat_smile:

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Yours looks pretty good too.

I’m currently struggling with the retweet system. I made one, but it’s pretty bad.

Also I can help you with your twitter clone. I’m done with mine, apart from the retweet system, so I could help you with nearly everything you need.

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