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(solved) Any tutorial on building a messaging or chat system between internal users?

Hi folks,

I am a non coder and looking to build a messaging system or a person to person chat for my dating site.

Would appreciate any pointers.


Hey there,

May I ask, how much have you built so far?


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@hdavy2002 I can assist as well but @kfhwdd has first option as he replied first

Thanks folks, Still working on the UI. I was trying to understand the data and associated workflow. I guess that is main hurdle for everyone on how the workflow will take place.

You can use Twitter as an example

Good idea Raymond. I saw the notrealtwitter. Awesome stuff. Thanks for the idea. Bubble is seriously the future.

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I’m busy with an app that’s a combination of Twitter and Facebook

This might be useful (How I Cloned Twitter Without Any Code):

The guys over at AirDev actually built an open source messenger for Bubble and released it to the public back in December. Here’s a link to the forum post:


Thanks guys. This is really helpful. Much appreciated.