How do i make data from one page go to another page

how do i make data from a input go to a input on another page. like if i type a money amount in to on input i want it to get transferred to the other input when i hit a button and i want to subtract an amount from it if i go to another page type in the amount i want to subtract and hit a button and it subtracts the amount i want gone

A few options here. One would be to pass the value of the input as a parameter to the other page. On page “A” you have an input and a button. When you click the button, you navigate to page “B” and pass a parameter (check the box that says “send more parameters to the page” in the workflow action). The parameter that you’re going to pass would be the value of the input on page “A”.

Then, on page “B” you have an input, the initial content is set to “get data from page url”. You’ll be asked to choose the parameter you want to look for, which is of course the one that you set up in the workflow action on page “A”. As far as mathematical operations go, if you’re passing numbers, you can do calculations at any point during this.

Hope this helps!

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