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Hi everyone,
I am trying to get data from one input to another input but they are on two different pages. I just want to link it (if we talk Excel-language). And display that exact number on another page. I think this would be that hard and it would just be to “link it”. See the picture I have attached - I have tried to get data from URL, it does not seem to be working but maybe I do something wrong.

Thanks for the help in advance.


Make sure when you use the Get data from URL function that you set the data type…you may have let the default type (text) and did not change it to number which it seems your Input value needs.

Thanks but it does not work for me any ways

See attached file for the “formula” and the Get URL page - should the formula be in that one?
Because now its empty?

Thanks in advance

You haven’t entered the parameter name in your ‘get data from URL’.

You need to specify which parameter you’re getting the data from in order to get the data.

So whatever parameter name (key) you used when you sent the data to the page, use that same name here so the input knows where to get the data you want to set as the initial value.

Thanks - so the parameter, should that be the data/number from the page URL that I want to fetch?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you need to set the parameter name to the name of the parameter that you sent the data/number in.

So on your previous page, in the action you used to navigate to the current page, you should have set a parameter to send, and given that a name and value (the name being whatever you want to call it, and the value being the input’s value you want to send to the next page).

So your URL would look like (for example)

Then on the next page, in your input’s initial value us get data from URL, with type ‘parameter’ and the parameter name ‘myparameter’, and the parameter type ‘number’.

Hmm okay, looks that right because I want to show “Input Total kostnad”- I couldn´t see the page you attached. And should there be something after "get [object from…] or should just be that?

Because it didn´t fetch that number?

No, your parameter name needs to be the name you set for the parameter - nothing to do with an input on your current page.

If you’re trying to set the initial content to the value of another input on the same page then there’s no need to use parameters for this.

Just set the initial content of whatever input you want to set to be the value of the other input (although I’m not sure what the purpose of that would be).

My assumption was you want to send the value from one page to another (perhaps I misunderstood what you’re trying to do).

But if that is the case, and you want to get data from the URL, then you don’t need to get the data from an input on the current page as well.

You send the data from the input (on the previous page) to the new page (in a URL parameter).

Then read that data on the new page from the URL parameter.

So, on your first page you send the parameter (using the ‘send more parameters to the page’ option on the ‘go to page’ action - or by adding ‘?’ then the parameter name and value, if using a link, eg.

Name the parameter (key), for example ‘amount’ and set the value to the input’s value:


Then on your second page, in the initial content you want to set, use Get Data From URL, and specify the name of the parameter you want to get (amount), and the type of content it is (number).


Sorry for being kind behind here - thanks for the explanation, really good!
In an sence a just want to show a number from one page to another (the exact same number) and that to a specific project. Should I use Get URL as well?

Its more or less tow steps you have a first view of all your projects, then you go inside the specific project and add the cost and it summaries the total cost for that project and then I want to show that exact number on the front view for each every project so you do not need to go into to every project to see total costs? Sorry for not clarifying that before. Should I still use get URL or is there an even better way of doing this?

Thanks in advance.

In that case you don’t need to use any parameters here - just save the data to the database for the project.

The simplest way is to have a field for total cost on your project datatype, and save that once you’ve added all the individual costs etc. (you’ll need to update it anytime you change any individual costs etc.)

Then just display that total cost on your first page in the RG.

Alternatively, you could just save the individual item/project-parts costs etc, and calculate the total on the page in the RG (use :sum)

Great thanks, I have tride but failed now!

I think the simplest way should just be to copy the one that is working “input filed” with the exact same data source as the one that I want to show - but why is that not working?

Do you perhaps know why I cant do that?

Without knowing the full details of how your app is setup etc it’s impossible to say.

Feel free to share a link to your editor if you’d like me (or someone else) to take a quick look.

Either that, or some detailed screenshots of your database setup and on page elements, datasource etc. might help to give more clues.

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