How do I make selections from a database for a certain period of time?

I have data for a graph and I need to present it in several ways:
for the current week
last week
and for the current month.
I am not very good with dates yet.
All I have managed to do is to build a query from operators like this

I tried to use range, but I don’t get the data on the charts either in numbers or I get an error.
Please help me with advice on how to make selections correctly.

Hi there, @boolendecimal… in each case, you need two constraints… one where the date is greater than or equal to a date and one where the date is less than a date. For the current week, the constraints would look like this.

Created Date >= Current date/time:rounded down to week
Created date < Current date/time:rounded down to week + days: 8

Hope this helps.


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@mikeloc thank you. Everything works

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