How do I make these categories

I need to make this type of categories… How do i do it.

You can either use Options sets or create a datatype(s) for this…

Just relate each subcategory to it’s parent category and/or vice-versa.

Then, to display them like that, have a RG on the left panel showing the top level categories, then a groupfocus when they are hovered with some nested RGs showing the sub-categories and sub-sub-categories.

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I’ll check.

How would I connect the sub_category to the products.
Like what would I do for this:

Seller uploads a product. Gets a choice to ----> Select Category ----> SubCategory. Done.

Just add a Category field and a Sub-Category field to the Product Datatype.

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So I don’t think there’s a direct ‘when hovered’ do ‘this’ for groupfocus.
Have checked around & haven’t found a solution.

would you know about it?

since there’s no hover option from RG Top Category group to Groupfocus- Sub Categories.

I tried the solution from another forum-question: (link: Show Group Focus When Other Element is Hovered)

Top Category group(1)-> invisible intermediary group (2)-> groupfocus (3)
as in:

if hovered Top-category-group = then turn on visibility of invisible intermediary group (2 = show) → if (2) = show; then show groupfocus (3)

This works. But not if the Top Category Group is a Repeatable Group with a data source for each row.

Any work around?

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