Subcategory dropdown with repeating groups

I need help with my dropdown
when clicked on browse -> the dropdown with my categories is coming. However, after clicking on a category the respective subcategory should come. Unfortunately, the whole subcatergies are show…
it should be H1, H2, H3 for hatha and M1,M2,M3 for mediation and so on.

can somebody please help?

Is that a RG? If so, you need to have it search for only the sub categories which belong to the category.

its a RG.

how to do that?

I need to see the search criteria you set, but I assume each underkategorie had a kategorie, so only search for those.

Or, simply list the relevant kategorie’s underkategories.

I am only on my phone with my kids right now. I will respond in more detail later.

Many thanks in advance.
the data set is connected.

however, I dont know how to do the search

First you need to set a state or data when you click on a category. In this scenario you could create a group which is a ‘kategorie’ type, and then display the kategorie you click as the data in that group.

To search, use ‘Add a new constraint’. Then add 'kategorie = that group’s kategorie.

This will limit the results to only sub categories which have the kategorie you clicked as their kategorie.

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