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How do I open a popup from a button?

Hi, new user to bubble and having trouble simply linking from a button to a popup. I want to program the workflow to say “when button is clicked, open this pop-up”, but I can’t even figure out how to get the pop-up to appear. It doesn’t appear in “navigation” and doesn’t appear in “elements” on the workflow tab.
Please help !

Hi there, @leah.cohen.shohet… I’m not sure what you mean by “doesn’t appear in the ‘elements’ on the workflow tab,” but you are looking for the Show (and I believe Toggle works, too) action under Element Actions in the workflow. So, when the button is clicked, initiate an action to show (again, Element Actions >> Show) the popup. Does that make sense?


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@mikeloc- THANK YOU! This worked. I hadn’t realized that I could use the actions contained within element to get to the next step. Works and thank you so so much

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