Getting Popups to trigger!

New user, having a small issue with getting Popups to trigger.
I have a text field “Don’t see your company?” that when clicked, should trigger a popup with 2 action buttons.
I think I have the workflow set up correctly but everytime I preview, the popup never shows and not sure what I am doing wrong.
Any help appreciated.

On a related note, is it possible to send static data from Dropdowns to the next page? I can’t seem to do that either with the submit button (also screenshotted) with data as ‘uncompatible type’.


Hi there, I recommend splitting this into two separate posts. I’ll address the question about the popup in this thread, could you open a different thread with the 2nd question? They’re two separate topics, so it’d be helpful for searchability to split them up. Anyway…

To open the popup, you want to use a Workflow Action called “Show.” You’re using “display data,” which is how you send data to a thing, but not how you actually show the thing. It’s an easy fix, simply click the button that says, “Click here to add an action” and look for Element Actions. Then find “Show,” then select the popup name from the dropdown. Tada!

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fantastic - thank you!
Will post the other question in a separate topic

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