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Sticky Element inside of repeating group?

Hello, Bubblers!

I’m testing a new app and couldn’t get around this issue. I have a group with a few elements inside a popup and I need the group to always be at the bottom of the popup.}

I’ve tried to use “floating groups” but since the group is relative to the page, not the element, I’m not able to insert it inside the popup.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for the help!

@thiagovaz11011 welcome to the community!

Build a structure like this:

Let’s say your popup is 600 px high and the width does not matter for this example

Place on 400px high group starting at height 0px
Place a 200px high group at height 400px
Now click on both keeping the control key pressed, then right-click and choose group elements in a group (or something along these lines). This will create a parent group for both of our groups. This master group should have a height of 600px which is the total height of the popup

Your second 200px group should now be placed at the bottom of the popup :grinning:

Perfect! Thanks for the solution!

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