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How do I reach only 1 item on the list?

I’m trying to reach and display the item on the list that has the most votes.

I can display it via Repeating Group. I sort the list by the vote count. I have only 1 Row & 1 Column in my RG. So all is fine when it comes to displaying the item data.

However, I need to pass the information of the item to newly submitted items submissions. I’m totally lost. While this seems very simple.

Hi @gio.kakhiani
Doesn’t accessing it by Reapeating Group List of X’s:first item work?

No. I want to reach the item with the largest vote count. It can be the first item or the 23rd. I’ll never know.

If you’re sorting the list by vote count (descending=yes) then the :first item will be the one with the highest vote count.

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Yes, that was the solution I finally went with. However, because of that, I had to include another group in the RG to send the parameters of this top-voted item. I wasn’t sure if that was an optimal solution. I think there must be an easier path.

Anyway, what I don’t understand is why can’t I reach the same item without a repeating group?

Much rather “How to” not “Why can’t”.

I’m not sure I follow…

But if you’re asking how to get the top voted item without using a repeating group, just search for it directly (i.e. do a search for the items, sorted by vote count: first item).

Yes you understood right. Does “vote count: first item” generate the most voted item in the list?

If you sort the list by ‘vote count’ (descending: yes) then, assuming the ‘vote count’ field is a number, the returned list will have the items with the highest vote counts first.

So the ‘first item’ will be the entry with the highest vote count, unless of course there are multiple entries with the same vote count, in which case the first item (I believe) will be the newest of the items with the highest vote count.

Oh, I get what you mean. That’s what I have done already. But thanks anyway.