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How do I release my plugin from test to LIVE market place version

Hi everyone!
I have a question: how to relised plugin in to live version? I create a plugin in test version, it’s works, but I do not understund how to relised my plugin to the common system, where everybody can be used this plugin at the projects.
Thanks !

As soon as you deploy your app to live the plugins will also deploy.

So, I cant do it in test version?
Could you tell me please what kind of plans I need to buy to relise plugin?
Thanks a lot for help

As soon as your on a paid plan you can deploy to live. The information shoul be on the pricing page.

If you are asking how to get your plugin into the marketplace,… you need to submit a version. Like this… within your plugin Bubble editor.

After that, you wait a few days while Bubble approve it, then it is in the plugin marketplace. top tips

  • have you got a service page?
  • have you got an editor view page?
  • have you given it a category?
  • have you specified the license (free/commercial etc)

Good luck, and look forward to seeing your new plugin.

Thanks a lot lindsay_knowcode - I need to know what kind of plans I need to buy and how many plugins I can relised.

There is no limit to the number of plugins you can release. Note though that the community frown upon new plugins that don’t offer anything new or that already exist.

Re plan, I don’t think you need to be on any particular plan - try creating a plugin and release it and let me know!

+1 here

No need to be on any kind of plan to created and try out plugins!