How to test paid plugins for free?

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Is there is any way to test paid plugins for free ?

There are lot of paid plugins which offers almost similar functionality but i want to test it before buying is it possible?

If it’s already answered then i apologise for reposting it (i don’t find it on forum)
I am quite new to Bubble

Thanks in advance for your responses :+1:


Hi there, @ZedtronicsAdmin… this thread should answer your question, but the short answer is no.



Hey @mikeloc Thanks :+1:
I am still not good at googleing :thinking:

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I read your thread…
But don’t you think it is not fair to test before buying plugin (Just my opinion :thinking: )
Can’t bubble create free trail for 1 or 2 days ?

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It’s just how the plugin marketplace works, and it is what it is. The monthly subscription prices on plugins are usually pretty low, and one could argue that signing up for a subscription and throwing a few bucks to the plugin developer is the right thing to do if you want to test their plugin. That being said, you should definitely use the forum to see what you can find out about a plugin before you buy it, even if you are buying it just to test it out.


@mikeloc Thanks for your suggestion :+1:

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Hi @ZedtronicsAdmin :wave:

Well, you can test paid plugins for free if you are on agency plan (But with agency plan you can’t deploy apps to live it will be Run time password protected also violation of bubble terms if you deploy it to live)…

So just for testing plugins you can subscribe to an agency plan (only if you are app is heavily dependent on paid plugins)…

When you buy plugins it will show like this
Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 00.12.03

Just my opinion :point_up_2:

I agree with this too :point_up_2:

You can read more about agency plan


You can test a heck of a lot of paid plugins for the monthly cost of the agency subscription… just sayin’. :slight_smile:

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@mikeloc Yes i agree :+1:

Keep in mind that monthly subscription are prorated. So if you cancel a monthly subscription after a few days it costs you the monthly subscription price divided by the number of days, which turns into a few cents for a couple of days.

Plus, all paid plugin are required to come with a demo and editor access. This should cover most of your due diligence requirements.

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@viquarahmed07 @mikeloc @redvivi
Thanks a lot for your responses :+1:

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