How do I remove users who were online but are now offline?

I am trying to display active users, or users who are online and I think I’m really close! The video on this topic, , fails to explain how to make sure the repeating group updates to remove the users who went offline after being online for a while.

So I tried to put together a repeating group under the Users database that has the following data source: Search for Users > Type: User > Last Seen>(is greater than)Current date/time +(seconds):-10.

But the repeating group itself still displays those users who used to be online but went offline (i.e. closed all browsers)…unless I hit refresh page, in which case, yea, it updates. But I do not want to press refresh every 5 seconds or so. What should I do?

On the other hand, I can program a shape to display a certain background color for online users with the following condition: Current Cell’s users’s Last Seen: formatted as // is Current date/time +(seconds):-5<-range->Current date/time:end:formatted as //
I can’t seem to be able to do the same for when a user goes offline–this condition doesn’t work: when Current date/time-Current Cell’s user’s last seen>10

Please help!!!

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Hi there, @u.ana… I could be way off base here, but isn’t the part of the video that starts around the 4:10 mark what you are looking for? Wouldn’t you need a workflow that performs an action every N seconds in order to update the repeating group to remove users who have gone offline and show users who have come online? If so, I think that is what is described at that point in the video.


Is this the only way to show a user is online? I assume this would be super intensive if you have hundred of users. I tried with currentcell’user is logged in but didn’t work lol