How do I save .vcf contact card directly to iOS devices?


I am currently using vCard Generator by Anticode plugin to allow my app users to save .vcf contact card directly. I realised that on iOS devices they can’t save directly into the contacts but it opens a preview first. Any ways to allow users to save the contact card directly rather than open a preview? Thanks

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It took me so long to figure this out!!!

  1. Create an action: when the page is loaded generate vcard (make sure auto download is off)

  2. for the “add to contacts” or whatever button you are using in your design: make an action: open external website: dynamic data: uploaded vcard


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lmk if u have any questions


  1. “Generate vcard” with “autodownload=off”
  2. What is the action and format of this command? Naviagatio | Go to a page | but then what is the URL for teh page?