Display data from repeating group

Hello Bubble family. I need your help.

My aim - I am trying to display a specific cell from a repeating group in a different page.

Screenshots to show the areas of my app:

Screenshot 1 - A repeating group showing the following information (Property name, Property location, Property zip code, and unique item code for each listing). When the view button is clicked, the next screenshot is displayed.

By clicking one of the cell, I have built a workflow (go to page) which should take the user to another page with more information on the specific clicked cell.

How do I go about doing this?

There should be a “data to send” option when using a navigate to next page workflow. You can send parameters from that cell of the repeating group to the next page, and on page load of the next page, use the “get parameters from URL” workflow action etc to retrieve that data.

Another way to do it is take the item in the repeating groups cell number and send that number to the next page. Assuming the list that’s the source of the repeating group does NOT change order, you can do a search for the data and use “Item #” that way you can pull up the whole piece of data.

If the data order does change, you’ll just need to send every piece of data that you need to display to the next page.

Hope that helped

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