How do I send dynamic values from the database in a post request

Hi There,

Probably a nooby question but I’m currently trying to setup an API where users will be able to send print requests to a printing company. I am wondering how I would be able to automatically fill out the dynamic values within a post request with each users information from the database? Or will I have to manually do this each time?

Uncheck the private checkbox, then when you call that API it will be looking for data to fill in those keys.

So if you are storing the email under their user and you want that email to pass onto your API, then when the user calls the API make the email key Current user's email

Hi @tylerboodman

Thanks for your reply.

The problem is when I initialise the call its expecting these to be filled.

This is how i’ve got the rest of the calls setup for reference.

Any more help would be appreciated!

Have you got this working in Postman? That’s a great debugging step as the responses sometimes don’t tell all the story in Bubble.

Looks like you haven’t declared all the values correctly in the line items array. I haven’t gone over it with a fine tooth comb but I’ll bet there a missing , or " somewhere thats throwing things.