How do I set up the daily workflows feature on professional plan?

I upgraded my plan to professional so I can use the schedule daily workflow feature but I dont see an option with that name in the workflows. I’m trying to change some data every night at midnight. Does anyone know how to set up the daily workflows?

Can’t you just use a regular recursive workflow for this? Just schedule it to run every day at midnight.

I thought it was different since they mentioned in the professional plan. Reoccurring workflow only run when the condition is true right? Do you know how the set the condition for midnight?

You don’t use a condition for this (that’s not how it works)…

And I wouldn’t use a ‘recurring workflow’ for this personally (although you can if you’re happy to pay for the Professional plan just for for that)

I’d just use a regular backend workflow, that runs recursively (i.e. every 24 hours at midnight)

You just need to schedule the workflow to run at midnight, then schedule itself again for the following midnight.

There are plenty of posts here in the forum about how to set up recursive workflows, if you’re not sure how they work.

If you do want to use ‘Recurring workflow’ instead, I guess you just schedule it to start at midnight (I don’t honestly know, as I’ve never used one in the nearly 5 years I’ve been using Bubble).

Ok that helps a lot. I’ll do the workflow that resets itself. So reoccurring workflow is what bubble is referring to by “daily workflows” on the professional plan?

I’ve never heard of anything referred to as “Daily workflows” (aside from obviously just generally meaning workflows that run every day…)

But ‘Recurring Workflows’ are something different from ‘recursive workflows’ if that’s what you’re asking? (and yes, you can only run ‘Recurring Workflows’ with a frequency of ‘daily’ on the professional and production plans)

Gotcha! Thanks man. Do you know how to change am to pm and vise versa? I’m trying it this way because I also need to save the time that the user selects and schedule a workflow to run at that time everyday as well as the midnight workflow.

So when they save the time, I’m saving the hr and min as a number then adding to the database with: current date and time change hours to dropdown hrs value etc. Is this the best way to do it? If so, how do I change am to pm?

Here’s what I’m trying for the midnight workflow…