How do i setup admin approve accounts

Hello my name is officer bacon and i was wondering how can i setup an admin page so when the user signup an admin has to approve there account thanks.

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There are a lot of ways to do this and the specific will depend on how you already have things set up. Here is a general overview of how it would work though:

You will need to create various User Types to define who is an Admin and can access the Admin page. There are various posts on the forums how to do this, but essentially you will use a Field called “Type” [text] on the User Data Type
You will also want a Field called “Approved” on the User data type, a [yes/no] field works well for this

When a User signs up, their Approved field will be “no”

The Admin user will then be able to access a specific Admin page with a repeating group of the Users who are not approved (Data source = Do a Search for Users, where Approved=no)

They will then be able to approve the User, using a button or something, which will make that User’s Approved field = “yes”

You will then need to also add in the appropriate Conditions on certain pages depending on what you want an Approved User and not Approved User to be able to access/not access

Example: When page is loaded and Current User’s Approved is “no” -> navigate to home page

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