Admin Approving User Access

Hello Everyone,

I want to set-up the work flow so when a user registers/requests access, they need to wait for an admin to approve and allow the access. How would I begin to set-up such an approval workflow and a database of users?

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You can have them sign up however you prefer, then in the user data type, add Approved and make that yes/no. I assume you have some page or information they can access after they are allowed in, so make that only accessible if the current user is approved.

If it’s a page they can access only after being approved, then use the workflow page is loaded. Set the when for this workflow to be something like and when Current user’s approved is no . Create an action within this workflow that redirects the user to a page they are allowed to be. This workflow will only run then if the current user hasn’t been approved yet.

You can use the method above to also create an admin page and protect it by adding Admin to the user data then do the same page is loaded workflow, but for users that you want to give admin access to.

Within the admin page, you can set up a repeating group that sources the data from the User dataset. It would look like Do a search for Users. Place a text element in the cell for their name and a button to approve them. Create a workflow for the approval button so when the an admin presses it, the user becomes approved. You will want to use the Make changes to thing action and set the Thing to change to be the current cell’s User. You will then want to add a field to change their approval status. Which would look something like approval = “yes”.

You can use :filtered on the repeating group’s source data and make only users that have been approved to not show up there.

Let me know how this works for you :slight_smile:


Hello Ryan,

Thank you for the help! I am having trouble with the second paragraph. Can you go more into detail on how to set it up so that if the Current user’s approval status is no, the page will not load and redirect to a you do not have permission page. I don’t understand how to set-up the workflow to check for the approval status :frowning:

On the page they only get access to after they are approved, set up the following workflow.

Each workflow has an and when statement, for that you will want to get the current user’s approval status and check if it is “no” as shown below.

So then when the current user is not approved, the workflow will run the Go to page… action. Which will take them to a page you specify.

Hope this works for you!


Nice explanation ryan


Thank you so much Ryan for the help! It worked and I am live! :grinning:


Great to hear that it works for you!

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Hi Ryan,

Your method is great, but when I log as an non approved user, I can see for 1 second the page, and then I am redirected. From my side, the page contains confidentials informations, and 1 second is enough to make a print screen and get the informations …

Is there a workflow like “before page loading” ?



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@emmanuel Do you have an idea to correct that ?

Many thanks,


Hey @Bfanti , @saeed.t.richardson had some great tips in this post about what he does, using reusable elements and a ‘loading’ page:

Yes :slight_smile: The loading page is a good idea !! Thanks

Just a problem with those who paste the URL of the confidential page directly in the URL bar, this way they bypass the loading page and can see for a second the informations …


Can you place the information in a group that’s not visible on page load unless the current user is approved?

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Yesss, that’s perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !!!

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Awesome!! My pleasure! :slight_smile:

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Hi fellas, I want to continue this thread if its not too much trouble. I need to visualize in my head how things work, and by doing that, I end up rewording things in my own way so help with that.

What I want to do is make a website where users can help populate the data that I’ve already started.
In a nutshell, I want a database - which will be a searchable directory - of certain venues and their amenities/prices etc, but this info is often not accurate without input from each venue. So, they would need a login of course to help support populating the correct data, but considering I would be using dozens of fields per record, I feel its necessary to curate everything that gets submitted.

I guess my question is, would I in fact login (as an admin) the exact same way an outside user would? or does the searchable database require a separate admin tool in the background?

a little hint for beginners: i was looking for “and when” but couldnt find it. So i just used the “only when” and its basically the same thing.