How do I show an image or file from the database?

how do I show an image or file from the database?


Thank you for posting on the forum.

You can learn how to save and display data by going through our interactive learning which range from creating a sign-up system to connecting to external APIs and only take a few minutes each to complete. I recommend starting with “Saving data” and “Saving and modifying data”.

You can also learn Bubble in several ways, including:

  • Our Academy, which includes video courses, written documentation, and how-to guides.

  • Our forum, which is a great place to ask questions and get advice on your application from expert Bubble users.

  • Our bootcamps or coaching marketplace, which offer opportunities for you to learn live with a group of Bubble users and an expert instructor.

We recommend starting to build anything, even a clone of a popular application, to get familiar with Bubble’s features for when you build your app.

thank you! The Bubble idea is fantastic! Congratulations!

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