How do I start with a new app with multi-user login?

Hi all! I am new here! I have a couple of questions since I don’t know where to start with a platform I am willing to develop with Bubble. The platform has two kind of login, one for companies that showcase products and other for end users willing to buy the products. My questions are the following:

  • Shall I start with the backend for companies, right? That way I will be able to list the products later in the front-end for end users. I thought it that way but I wanted someone with experience to tell me the good way to go.
  • How do I provide different levels of access to companies users? I want to have Super Admin, Admin and Employee levels.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You can create a Yes/No type field in User data type. Something like IsSuperAdmin, IsAdmin, Is Employee and then set the value of these fields on signup.

To restrict certain pages or functions, you can set a condition. Let’s say you want a certain page to be for Admins only. Set a condition - On that page load, navigate the user to the login page if Current User’s IsAdmin is No.

Another way to do this would be to trigger an action when a certain condition is true.