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Two Sided Market Place User Groups, Permissions

Hello everyone! My name is Preston
I am new to Bubble. But I am loving how it operates and more than that. I love what it can do for me!

My biggest hurdle right now is configuring my app for user roles.
I have two landing pages.

One for users.
One for Companies
And of course I will need an Admin area.

My issue is I can’t seem to seperate all of the user pages from the company pages.
Also when I sign up on either landing page, it is the same user account for both dashboards.

How can I automatically have companies that signup on a company landing page register as a company not a normal user? Then only see their pages. Not users pages.

Thanks guys! I am a newbie. But I love this software. And I love this movement!
I do hope to build more than one badass app on here.


Hey Preston and welcome to Bubble!

There are many ways to do this and depending on the end goals of the app some might be better than others.
But from what you have mentioned I would do the following.

Under the Data Type “User”, I would add a field called “Type”
Then, on the Company Landing page sign up workflow, set the User’s Type = “Company” and then navigate to the correct Company page.
On the general User landing page sign up workflow, set the User Type = “General” or any term you prefer, and then navigate to the correct General user page.

You can also use Conditions to show or hide certain elements depending on the User’s Type.

Or lets say you do not want a Company to load a certain page that is mean for a general User, you can use the workflow “On Page Load and when Current User’s Type is Company” ->navigate to company page.

If you need more specifics or more help let me know, as it can get confusing trying to explain this without seeing everything

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Hi @gf_wolfer Thank you!

Okay. this seems really straight forward. I think you and a few others should put together a comprehensive user role section for the documentation. Otherwise, we newbies are left to the forum.

Can I also set privacy in the “Privacy & Security” section of the reference?
is this related to this?

Also thank you a ton! I am having a wild time.

Also, on a side note. I am trying to match these two sides together based on 3 variables. These variables are solid, stored in a database. But I need them all three to match and then send a link to their profiles to each other. automatically.

I am assuming I can do this using conditions on a repeating group search without a search bar or buttons.?

What would you set the field type as?

Then, on the Company Landing page sign up workflow, set the User’s Type = “Company” and then navigate to the correct Company page.

And this would be a custom event?

Yes, setting User Types is a very common issue for new users (lots of explanations in the forum search)

Field type would be a Text

The Privacy and Security is used so that certain types of users cannot view certain types of data. An example is if somehow a general user got to your Admin page and are not redirected, the data that they are not allowed to see (as defined by the Privacy settings) would not show

Referring to the 3 variables part, I am unsure exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Referring to the Custom Event, I am unsure if you are trying to do anything specific there? I was mostly referring to the “Button Sign Up is clicked” workflow where you can define fields for the User (such as Email, User Type, Name, etc.)

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I am sorry. The 3 different variables was another subject doing with data.

A few links to posts about user types would be helpful, so im not bugging you. But I do appreciate your help immensely.

Could always connect for a quick tutorial/lesson, I am free as early as tomorrow. Or there are some great online courses some users have made available - just use the search box on this forum and try typing “Bubble course” or “Udemy”

Also try typing “User Type” in the forum search, there are many results so I am unsure what one would be most relevant without knowing more about your app goals

My early days on Bubble I used this example app to learn basic functionalities (although it separates Users slightly different than I described above)…

The main Bubble template is also useful to see how some data and workflows are structured (you can play around with it, it wont break/save it)

thanks a ton! it really means a lot!

An explanation of the user type in plain text would be fine. if you get the chance. Or screenshots might be easier. But if not. That is 100% fine. Thanks a lot @gf_wolfer. You make me feel very welcome to this awesome community.