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How do I stop people from liking multiple times and be able to Unlike something?

Hi, so I’m new to using bubble and I am trying to make it so users can like and unlike a post. I have it right now so users can like the post but am having difficulty finding out how to stop them from liking an infinite number of times as well as being able to unlike the post. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

Think about using the data type yes/no in your database/thing. And just set the like / not like between yes and no.

Each post data type should have a list of people that like it and a list that unlike it. Every time someone clicks on ‘like’, they get added to this list. Similarly for ‘unlike’.

The like count will be the post’s likers:count
The unlike count will be the post’s unlikers:count

Additionally in the ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ workflows, you can have some conditional logic where if a person already likes, they cannot unlike - or when they click unlike, they get taken out of the ‘likers’ list and vice versa.

Ok Thank you!

Thank you!